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Keep your child safe and healthy

Immunizations have improved the health of millions of people by protecting them from life-threatening infections and disease. By keeping your children up-to-date on their immunizations, you are not only protecting their health, but the health of all those that come in contact with them


We understand that parents may have concerns about vaccinating their children. The following information provides answers to commonly asked questions, childhood immunization schedules and descriptions of specific vaccines. We recommend vaccinations according to the schedule put out by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics. is a reliable resource for more information on this topic.

• Is it safe to give so many shots at once? Yes.  

• Should my child receive a flu vaccine each year?  Most likely, yes.

• Do I need to worry about the preservative Thimerosal?  No

• Is there a relationship between vaccines and autism?  There is no evidence to support this concern.

• Can I delay or skip vaccines?  We do not recommend this for our patients.

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Commonly Asked Vaccine Questions

Specific Routine Vaccine Information

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For more information regarding these questions, please visit the CDC website and talk with your provider about any concerns you may have.

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